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From tungsten to halogen, When shopping for light bulbs, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The Light Ninja does his very best to find the right light bulbs for the right job.


The Ninja spends his time searching out the best Traditional Incandescent light bulbs to Energy Saving light bulbs and the very latest in LED technology. If you are looking for downlights, spotlights, Mains Voltage, Low Voltage Halogen or traditional incandescent Reflector Spotlights, the Ninja has found them all and put them together in one place.


Even if you want decorative candle shaped or golf-ball shaped light bulbs, he will try to find them for you at great prices.


LED Strip Lights in your home

The development of artificial lighting technology has allowed homeowners to look for unique ways of lighting their homes. The most fundamental rule of lighting your home is that it should be practical.

Why LED Lighting?

With ever incresing energy consumption and global warming, the need for light efficiency has become increasing important.

Light Emitting Diode(LED) has become the prefered method of replacing the traditional light bulbs and florecent tubes.
LED have many advantages over traditional technology - energy saving, low heat, low power, low consumption, long-lived and does not contain hazardous elements.