Lighting Articles

With ever incresing energy consumption and global warming, the need for light efficiency has become increasing important.

Light Emitting Diode(LED) has become the prefered method of replacing the traditional light bulbs and florecent tubes.
LED have many advantages over traditional technology - energy saving, low heat, low power, low consumption, long-lived and does not contain hazardous elements.


Other Advantages of LED lighting includes:
1. LED lights tend to produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs.
2. LED is great in situations that require dimming. One of the great features of LEDs are that they do not change their color tint as the current passing through them lowers.  Traditional incandescent bulbs, tend to turn a yellow colour.
3. LEDs’ are solid state components, are fairly difficult to damage with shock. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are easily broken if dropped.
4. Colour LEDs can emit light without the use of color filters which is more efficient and can lower initial costs